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 Waterfall jutsus

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PostSubject: Waterfall jutsus   Waterfall jutsus Icon_minitimeFri May 30, 2008 3:39 am

Water Wall (Nin): Do the handsigns and make a wall mixed with chakra to come up and stop the attack - works with minor attacks for genin but as u go up rank it goes more powerful

Water Dragon Summoning,Lvl 1 (Nin): Summons a water dragon that could protect you and do attacks(Only could be used once per battle)

Water Dragon Explosion (Nin): After summoning the dragon your dragon explodes, gets stronger as you progress

Water Clones (Nin): Makes clones of yourself that are made of water

Waterball (Nin): Shoots a simple waterball at your opponet

Water Whirl Strike (Tai) - creates water clones and runs around in a circle round your opponent before one strikes opponent in the air and the other clones use a combo striking opponent in ground

Aqua Blade (Nin): Using water, you extend the reach of your weapon. Can be more powerful as you advance in ranks.

Aqua Force (Nin): Like waterball, but you increase the spin to make it zoom around the arena at you chosen target, avoiding all obstacles. Can still be dodged by the opponent.

Whirlpool (Nin): After Water dragon summoning you could form this and trap your opponet for 5 post.This takes 2 post to set-up

Water Dragon Summoning,Lvl 2 (Nin): Summons 2 water dragons that could protect you and do attacks (can only be used once per battle)

Ice Bomb (Nin): After you see some ice manipulate the water in it to blow up and explode

Grand Waterball >must know waterball< (Nin): Shoots a waterball that is big

Water cannon (Nin): Creates two waterballs, one in each hand. You then force the two together and force the water into a cannon.

Demonic Waterfall (Gen): You activate the jutsu and the have them see that the are falling down and in a giant waterfall. (the fall seems to go on into infinity)

Demonic Whirlpool (Gen): You make the victim think like they are going through a whirlpool. If they cant get out of the jutsu by the time they reach the middle, they are slamed against the floor of the ocean, or lake, etc. (in reality it would be the ground)

Abundant Lake (Gen): Once the genjutsu is in place, the victim seems to be in a big lake. No matter how much the swim, they never get closer to the edge. If they dont break it before they are drained of all of their anergy, they drown.

Water Burst (Nin): Like watercannon, but instead of the blast being controled, it bursts out, hitting things within 5m.

Jounin/Special Jounin
Water Swords,Water-Spin Combo (Tai): With the water swords you spin around at your opponet at a great speed and the water swords add power to it and could cut your opponet

Water Rasegan (Nin): Just like rasengan, you make a weaker version of rasegan in your hand but its made of water and not as affective or as powerful as the regular Rasegan.

Triad Water Dragon Summoning Lvl 3 (Nin): Summons 3 water dragons (can be used once per battle)

Dragon Falls (Nin): After 3 dragons are summoned, one charges at your opponet from the top and both sides.

Greater Demonic Waterfall (Gen): Just like Demonic Waterfall, just way harder to break, and the effect is much greater.


Crystal Ice Mirrors (Nin): (needs water on ground) Creates a hemisphere of Crystal Ice Mirrors. You can trnasfer from one to another at blazing fast speeds and attack simultainiously. Can be destoyed by applying extreme temperatures to the Mirror
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Waterfall jutsus
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