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 Grass Village Jutsu

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PostSubject: Grass Village Jutsu   Wed Jun 04, 2008 1:45 am


Grass style:Grass needle jutsu

Grass style:grass bed jutsu
(witch makes the grass harden on the ground so ppl can touch the grass if they do they have a hard time to walk run jump or anything)

Grass style:grass spikes(Grass makes huge spike to hit your oppent)

Grass style:Little grass ball jutsu:a grass ball no bigger then a basebal hits your oppent and pearces his skin from the needles sticking out of

Thin grass armor jutsu:a thin layer of grass forms on you that can block kunai and shurikens

Grass style:Sword of a thousand trintys
with the sword you have i want you to swing acorsss the ground and say trinty strike 250 Grass needles will fly up out of the ground and before they hit you oppent they grow into 5 foot long needles and they fly through them

Grass style:Grass obstruction: Grass floats up to the opponents eyes blocking their vision

Grass style: Throwing spike Jutsu
This jutsu creates a small spike about 2.5 ft long at mastery that you can throw.

Grass style: Grassy Haze: This jutsu kicks up a lot of grass for cover. (The grass floats in air and makes it hard for opponent to see

Grass style: Grass thread jutsu - Grass thread connects many pieces of grass with chakra and make them hard to snap/rip etc. This thread can be used for a variaty of things including, but not limited to, ninja wire, regular thread, tripwire, etc.

Grass syle:Grass sword: Creates a sword of grass on your Fore arm

Grass style:Grass Wall jutsu: Creates a wall of grass

Grass style:Grass bunker jutsu: Creates a dome of grass Around you


grass style:sprialing needles:you kick up grass around you and you spin the grass needles bounce off your body you can hit up to 250 needles at once!

Dance of the seeding fern:You send thousands of grass spike out of the ground that hit your oppent

Medium thick grass armor jutsu: a thicker layer of grass forms over your body that can witstand a strike from a sword

Grass hurricane: Grass forms on your feet makeing grass needles with it also and you kick your oppen with both feet from 5 times to 50 times and the grass needles on your feet pearce there skin

Grass style:Grass tornado jutsu:a tornadoe of Grass needles form around your oppent cutting him evry where

Grass style:Grass armor taijutsu style
The armor on you will make you lighter witch will make you move faster

Grass style:Grass Dragon fist of the lotus
With the speed you have you hit the ppl into the air you form in front of them slamming you nee into there stomach grass will fly off your arm grabbing them and while your moveing at high speeds you pull them twords you and you send 3 5 foot long grass needles into them makeing them Crash into the ground

Grass style:feilds of grass jutsu(makes your oppentt hink you are in a feild of grass and safe with birds flying over head but really u have 100s of grass neeles flying down on your oppent This is a Genjutsu move and it momentairly Stuns your oppent and wounds him badly)

Exploding grass spike: After the spike impales the opponent, it explodes and makes lots of grass needles Impales more needles in your oppents body

Grass diversion ball: This jutsu makes several grass balls which are Sharp and aren't for an offensive purpose but to distract your opponent By cutting him in evry direction

Joninn jutsu:
Grass style:Grass ball jutsu (you create a huge ball of grass that flys into your oppent
Grass needles stick out of it with peaces your oppent makeing a huge gash where ever you hit them)

Grass style:Grass Dragon jutsu(you create a huge dragon when it hits your oppent it logges 50 to 1,000 needles in there body)

grass style:Acid grass needles jutsu:its a genjutsu move when your grass needles hits your oppent they think there skin is getting burned off

Grass style:suicidal grass clone jutsu:you create a grass clone that when your oppent kills it insead of poofing it burst letting go of 50 grass needles

Thick grass armor jutsu:Grass armor that can witch stand chidori

Grass style:Hidden Grass sprison jutsu

Grass style:Poison needles

Jounin/Speical Jounin

extra thick grass armor jutsu:Grass forms on your body createing an armor that half a foot thick witch makes it hard to pearce

grass style:grass typhoon jutsu:large amount of needles fly out of the ground ingulfing your oppent in hundreds of grass needles

Grass style:Great Grass ball jutsu:a 20 foot long and 20 foot light grass ball forms in front of you hitting your oppent lodgeing 50 10 foot long needles in him

Fist of The Dieing lotus
you Open the 4 Gates makeing Grass form in your body Giveing you a Emense amount of power and Makeing your body Lighter Lighter
Then you use the

Hidden Fight of the Frightened Lotus
You slam you fist into there stomach so hard and fast they fly back then you form behind them kicking them into the air form aobce them and Slams your Fist into there chest or gut releseing 20 3 foot long needles into there body while that happens you hit them with an axe kick then they fly into a Pile of grass Spikes almost killing them

or use this after Starting Fist of the dieing Lotus

the Ragging Fist of the Grass or Great Grass Dragon Combo
You slam them so they fly back then you hit them in the air then you slam your body into them 10 time them you kick them higher and throw 20 3 foot long needles into them then you form above then slamming your foot into there back 5 time makeing them fly into the ground then when they hit the ground you fly down at them and slam your fist into there stomach and relese chakura and it slams there body farther into the ground and makes a crater around them
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Grass Village Jutsu
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